5 point plan to make the most of your mornings

5 point plan to make the most of your mornings

If you have small school-going children, then chances are that mornings are likely to be the most chaotic and hectic part of your day. Starting right when you are woken up by an alarm clock or otherwise to the last minute when you have to see off your kids to their school, most of us have experienced a time crunch.

It does not have to the same always as I have found over the course of the last couple of years when I have decidedly improved my morning routine and have adopted a business like approach to getting things done calmly, on-time & without missing any detail even as I enjoy and relax the promise of a new day that each morning brings in. Here I have detailed a 5 point plan to make your mornings as productive, stress-free and enjoyable as mine.

1. Start your day unhurriedly

When you wake up in the morning, don’t open your eyes at once. Instead, lie in bed and pay attention to every part of your body Jumping out of your bed thinking about the chores you have to get done will most likely keep you feeling stressed for the remainder of the day. In addition to waking up slowly, give yourself a few minutes of personal time where you start off by being grateful for a new day and the opportunities it brings you. Also, you may want to write about some thought that occurred to you overnight or about a dream perhaps.

2. Make your bed

The first thing I do after I get out of bed is to make my bed; a habit I have had since my childhood days. Even if you think you don’t have the time for some reason, do take the time out to make your bed. This is important for a lot of reasons, and not just in the interest of keeping your room tidy & organized and your bed clean but also because by doing it you are already on your way to a productive day having completed a task right away after waking up.

3. Preparation is half the battle won

It sounds obvious, but getting yourself into planning mode the night before can help you get a lot of things done quickly in the morning. For example, deciding about breakfast or about what you & your kids will wear that day or keeping ready their homework. By planning ahead, highly productive people tend to reduce time spent in making routine choices that can potentially eat into your limited productive time in the morning. For example, 5 minutes spent the previous night before tucking your kids into bed, you can take care of the clothes decision by having everyone prepare and keep their clothes, undergarments, shoes & accessories so that Take 5-10 minutes each evening when you and your kids are prepping there will be no last-minute search or surprises in this department.

4. Have a morning routine

This seems to be a very inane point when the topic of improving morning routine is being discussed. Wait, let me clarify; what I mean is that have a written down list of chores you have to do daily as part of a morning routine. Ticking off chores completed from a list (mentally or otherwise) gives a sense of forward movement and achievement and a positive feedback to our brain. After a while of practicing this, you will be able to get all things done faster and efficiently without forgetting anything purely as a result of the force of habit.

5. Allow extra time

If there is anything certain about a mom’s life, it is that unexpected things happen and quite frequently at that. This could be absolutely anything at all and allowing for these unexpected things is simply good planning skills.

An extra 10-15 minutes daily can give you enough margin for getting those additional chores in the morning.  

Hope you found these useful. Please do share via comments your hacks for a stress free and calm morning routine.

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