Experiencing India on Republic Day through a tapestry of food
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Experiencing India on Republic Day through a tapestry of food

Even though the Republic Day parade is an annual affair that most of us get to see from the comforts of our home, it is almost impossible not to feel awe and admiration for the sheer diversity of people & cultures of India that is put on display. The dazzling spectacle of beautiful costumes and tableau, colorful dances to the sounds of local music and the mind boggling display of the wide variety of cultural heritage that is highlighted barely scratches the surface when it comes to the diversity that co-exists on this land called India.

While traveling to experience this rich cultural diversity of India is slightly restrictive as it puts pressures on time and immense amount of coordination, food is an easier way to taste what a particular culture has to offer. Instead of looking at specific recipes of food items, let’s look at how regionally people consume a variety of food items during one meal through Thali.

The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had a while ago through their twitter account highlighted the Thalis from different states of India in a series of posts. Let’s revisit some of these:

Arunachal Pradesh

This mouthwatering thali has rice, a meat dish, fermented products such as cheese and soy beans, tomatoes, red chilli chutney & steamed organic vegetables.

Cuisine of Arunachal
Cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh


This delicious thali comprises of a meat dish, fish, dal, saah , aloo pitika and fresh vegetables.

Cuisine of Assam


A perfectly balanced meal that is cooked in the omnipresent coconut oil is started with a serving of the sweet payasam

Cuisine of Kerala
Cuisine of Kerala


This Thali comprises of seafood, rice, meat dishes, sol kadhi and the famous spicy vindaloo dish among other food items

Goan cuisine
Goan cuisine


The Bihari thali typically has kebabs, sattu paratha, aloo chokha (smoked spicy mashed potatoes), chicken masala, & postaa-dana kaa halwaa

Bihari cuisine
Bihari cuisine

Jammu and Kashmir

Kashmiri wazwan comprises of the popular meat preparations such as rogan josh, yakhini, rista (meat balls) accompanied with the favourite beverages of kahwah and noon chai.

Kashmiri Wazwan
Kashmiri Wazwan

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  1. Anupama Goyal

    nice, all these thalis must be a treat for non vegetarians. i love gujarati thali personally since i am a vegetarian. also the onam sadhya from kerala is too yummy!

  2. Neha Madikeri

    for me, rajasthani thali is the best… first enjoy gatte ki sabji, daal-baati churma, aal maas, bajra roti, lahsoon chutney… and then polish it off all with mawa kachori and malpuas! every taste bud is bound to be tickled and satisfied!

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